Rescue Live Lens, our new remote camera sharing solution

See it to solve it. Go on site virtually with customers and remote employees in an instant with our mobile camera sharing technology for iOS and Android devices.

Get eyes on the scene with zero downloads. Nada, zip.

Who wants to download an app, especially for one-time fixes? Remove friction and tighten up call times with browser-based interactive video support through a mobile device's camera.

  • No more guessing.
  • Start solving immediately.
  • Instant live view camera streaming.
  • Guide a fix for any physical device or environment.


What is remote camera sharing?

Endless opportunities to guide your customers, remote employees and field teams. Remotely view their smartphone or tablet's camera to offer real-time solutions.


Be there
with customers.

Help customers and remote employees troubleshoot, fix, or install any piece of equipment at home or in their home office via their smartphone's mobile camera. A router, printer, conference hardware, smart device, refrigerator, HVAC – you name it.


Reduce unnecessary
truck rolls.

Save a trip by guiding simple fixes remotely. Still need someone to go? Visually inspect the device to determine the best tools, parts, and technician to send to resolve the issue on the first visit.


Bring in
senior solvers.

Need extra expertise on site? Field teams and third parties, like facilities managers, can remotely consult senior support teams or product experts in an instant to ensure a successful customer service session.

Expand your team’s capability.

Zero is able to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual travel costs (and lost productivity) by no longer sending its expert technicians to make onsite repairs using Live Lens.

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Rescue Live Lens - Mobile Camera Sharing for Multiple Industries

Leverage the power of seeing in any industry.

Settle claims faster.

Reduce the need for onsite assessments and settle low-value claims at First Notification of Loss. With Live Lens, customers no longer need to send in photo or receipt evidence to a loss adjuster, which can drastically decrease the claims lifecycle for customers and turn 5 days of your work into 4 minutes.

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Keep experts where they are.

Reduce truck rolls and travel expenses while at the same time expanding the reach of your skilled agents. Improve remote support capabilities and efficiency to decrease the need for onsite support, create instant ROI, and lower return volume.

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Keep customers mobile and happy.

Eliminate long, confusing calls where customers struggle to relay their issue to the agent, and for the agent to describe a fix for something that they aren’t seeing for themselves. See problems through the eyes of your customers – and see better CSAT scores as a result.