Out-of-band management with LogMeIn Rescue

Remotely connect to the BIOS, access advanced power options, update system settings and firmware, and more – all from a single pane of glass – with Rescue’s Intel vPro® Support.

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Troubleshoot and resolve issues on any level with out-of-band access.

LogMeIn Rescue helps you expand your footprint and enhance remote support for any ecosystem, the easy way.

Out-of-band support has never been so simple. With Intel vPro® support through Rescue, technicians can fix the (formerly) impossible. By easily accessing and supporting remote devices whether they’re located off-site, outside your client’s firewall, or even powered off, technicians can:

  • Troubleshoot beneath the operating system
  • Access advanced power options
  • Perform updates to out-of-band devices remotely
UI screen showing active remote management customer session dashboard

Go beyond traditional support with Intel vPro® remote management.

Manage your devices with Intel®’s powerful out-of-band management solution, directly from Rescue.

Rescue’s first of its kind, native integration with Intel’s® EMA (Endpoint Management Assistant) empowers technicians to quickly and easily troubleshoot and manage any Intel vPro® enabled device – even if they’re powered off. Using hardware-based, OS-independent capabilities – along with Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) – any device with a network connection and a power source is within reach. This means agents can perform out-of-band actions like rebooting to BIOS, as well as KVM control, with the same workflow and UI they use for in-band support.

Manage issues from directly within the Technician Console, including:

  • OS corruption
  • BitLocker encryption
  • Device driver corruption 
  • 'Blue-screen-of-death'
  • Remote support and rebooting for powered-down devices

Harness the power of out-of-band management with Rescue

Simplified management

Replace multiple tools with a single remote support solution. Access Intel vPro® devices and the Intel® EMA application directly from within the Technician Console – no extra tabs needed.

More power

Rescue connects to Intel® EMA servers which access devices via hardware-based capabilities, allowing agents to set levels on the BIOS, adjust firmware interfaces, make elevated task changes and security updates, setup PCs, and wake from sleep.

Improved ROI

Provide remote support within Rescue, even when a traditional Rescue session is impossible. This means no need for onsite visits or shipping devices back for repairs.

Flexible, dependable remote support – trusted by thousands of companies


Connect to any mobile device in the world in 20 seconds and scale from 1 to 25,000 licenses - perfect for shops of any size.


Stay protected with advanced data storage policies and essential features like identity management via SSO and AD Sync. Plus, with agent & admin permissions and controls, you can customize deployments and provide user-based safety. parameters to ensure security across the board.


Rescue’s cloud-based platform built on enterprise-grade infrastructure allows it to deliver world-class security and reliability with an uptime of 99.99+%.

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Experience out-of-band management with LogMeIn Rescue

Keep everyone up and running, the easy way – no matter where work happens. Simplified IT makes more possible.

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