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Seamless remote support for Linux devices

Connect and troubleshoot with Linux remote support.

With LogMeIn Rescue for Linux, IT can quickly and easily start a remote attended session with a desktop workstation - without needing to grant Linux root privileges for remote control. Copy or transfer files from users' devices to a technician console, perform administrative tasks, screen share, and more – all from any location.

Remote desktop software for Linux comes with features like:

  • Chat
  • Screen View
  • Screenshot
  • File Manager
  • One-click access with Calling Card
  • Remote control of mouse and keyboard
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What Linux remote desktop software can do for you

Get everything you need to evaluate and support devices remotely – all in one place.

With LogMeIn Rescue for Linux, everyone wins. Agents can save time and do more by remotely accessing and handling up to 10 support sessions at once. Internal users and customers can enjoy simple, fast support on Linux desktops from any location. With a consolidated support tool for your entire ecosystem, your IT can streamline operations and maximize cost savings easier than ever before.

Save time and money with LogMeIn Rescue Remote Support for Linux

Easy remote control for Linux devices

Using a remote desktop client, agents can take over and evaluate remote devices as if they were right in front of them. And with features like live chat and Calling Card, agents can even work with users in real-time to pinpoint problems.


Save time with file manager

With an in-session file manager feature, agents can complete multiple tasks, pick up multiple files, drag and drop files between the devices, & much more.


Ensure simple, secure connections for users

Once the Linux applet has been downloaded and installed, users can use Calling Card for one-click access to remote support. Users can choose between entering a pin provided by a technician or proactively requesting support by filling out required information about their needs.


Unattended Access (Coming Soon)

Mass-deploy unattended access functionality on users' end devices, so your team can connect even when no user is present. Solve problems via remote control during user downtime and fix problems in real-time.


Go beyond Ubuntu desktop software (Coming Soon)

Our support for Linux distros is constantly expanding. Rescue currently supports common Debian-based distros, including certified support for Ubuntu versions 20.04 and up, as well as support for Debian, Linux Mint, ARCH Linux, Pop! OS and more.

Customer Service and Support - Rescue Live Guide

Additional in-session features (Coming Soon)

Save time and speed up resolutions with features like reboot and reconnect for interruption-free and restart-free support. With system info visibility & troubleshooting, you can get a quick summary of processes, services, and applications to identify issues fast.

Trusted, flexible Ubuntu remote support


Connect to any device in the world in 20 seconds and scale from 1 to 25,000 licenses–perfect for businesses of any size.


Stay protected with advanced data storage policies and essential features like identity management via SSO and AD Sync. Plus, with agent & admin permissions and controls, you can customize deployments and provide user-based safety parameters to ensure security across the board.


Cloud hosting and enterprise-grade infrastructure give Rescue world-class reliability and an uptime of 99.99+%.

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