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In a world this connected, there’s even more reason to stay on top of security efforts for your business and your users. Experience secure remote support completely free for 14 days.

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Stay a step ahead of threats with safety-first remote support

Bring the power of banking-grade security to your remote support. With proactive audits, increased security options for enterprises and regulated industries, and the highest security protocols available for remote support tools, Rescue ensures users and your business stay equally protected, no matter what.

Elevate your security with:

  • Granular technician privileges and permission-based support to limit access based on role
  • Customizable security measures to manage device access and help lock out malicious actors
  • Control over where private data is stored and when it's deleted
  • Detailed reporting and change tracking, giving you the insights to safeguard your account
UI showing permission Control features checklist.

Permissions and Controls

Keep customers safe with granular privileges and permissions.

Keep the power to control access in your hands. With Rescue, you can use technician and admin permissions to customize your deployment around the level of access you want users to have. You can even add custom terms and conditions for users to accept before each session begins.

Rescue’s 40+ permission-based functions include:

  • Remote Control
  • Scripting
  • Screen Recording and Screenshot
  • File Transfer, System Information
  • Reboot & Reconnect
UI showing screen recording and IP restriction settings.

Session Validation Measures

Get extra protection to ensure end users, technicians, and your organization are safe from malicious actors.

Need extra assurance? With optional enterprise security layers, you can take Rescue’s industry-leading security even farther. Now you can:

  • Prevent malicious actors from getting access to user devices and systems using a self-hosted PIN page with PIN code validation.
  • Block support actions to anyone outside your organization.
  • Redirect users or techs immediately from malicious sites with allowed listed hosts.
  • Keep technicians operating on the corporate network, and nowhere else using IP restrictions.

Enterprise Security Overview

UI showing global settings for data storage.

Data residency & storage customization

Flexible options for data storage

Keep control over your data storage and retention policy. With Rescue, you can control where and how PII is stored – if stored at all – so you can experience complete data flexibility.

UI showing how to create a report.

Auditing & Reporting

Stay in compliance and on top of your helpdesk.

Record every session for auditing and compliance, and run the reports you need for full visibility into customer surveys, technician performance, login history, and session metrics.

Smart and Secure Remote Support

Make admins’ jobs easier with Active Directory (AD).

With secure user onboarding with AD, admins’ jobs are easier too. There’s just one pool of users to manage. Any user changes in AD are automatically synched to Rescue.

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Simplify and secure your access.

Use SSO to securely log in to Rescue with the same identity used for other enterprise applications, saving time and frustration. Add another level of security with two-step verification, including time-based codes, one-tap prompts, and more.

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Ensure secure communications

Stay secure with banking-grade end-to-end 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and TLS 1.2 transport security.

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