Remote Support for Android Devices

Remote Access for Android devices lets you start troubleshooting tech issues in 20 seconds – all without any pre-installed software.
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Remote support for Android mobile devices—from anywhere

Connect and start troubleshooting in as little as 20 seconds.

Rescue Remote Support makes it easy to drop right into any Android device (as well as iOS and Mac devices).

Transfer files from users' device to technician, view system info such as memory usage or mobile network status, and run or terminate processes – all remotely.

Remote Camera Sharing with Rescue Lens allows you to remotely view users' smartphone or tablet's camera for interactive, real-time problem-solving.


Remote access for Android

With remote access for Android, you can transfer files and install or remove applications. You can also help users' solve problems live by pointing out their problems with live whiteboarding, laser pointer, and live chat.

Screen recording and screen capture let you share images with other technicians for help solving tough problems.

Rescue Android app viewing Chromebook screen.

Remote access on Chromebooks with Android apps

Supporting a range of devices? Now techs can more easily access and support Chromebooks with Android functionality.

Using the Rescue Android app, technicians can access remote control and mobile support, view Chromebook screens, as well as open and control Android apps. They can also view device-level insights like battery life, display, and Wi-Fi.

Why Rescue Remote Support for Android?

Cut costs and save

Rescue customers have reported up to 1000% ROI thanks to the convenience, power and flexibility of remote support.

Improve customer satisfaction

Help customers resolve issues quickly and painlessly. Happier customers means higher NPS scores and better business all around.

Increase agent productivity

With tools to handle multiple remote support sessions simultaneously and the ability to remote right into any users' Android or iOS phone, agents can boost their productivity by up to 23%.

What you can do with Remote Support and Access for Android with Rescue


Troubleshoot quickly with remote control for Android phones

Work as if you’re on-premise with remote access

Remotely control Android devices from your remote desktop and perform tasks as if you were using the device directly. For frequently performed tasks, you can save both time and sanity by letting scripts do the work.


Save time (and effort) with remote diagnostics and Click2Fix

Let Rescue do the hard work for you

Analyze and solve the most common issues with Android phones from one central dashboard, and then solve with just one click.


Manage up to 10 sessions at once

Be more efficient with multi-session handling

Help technician’s save time and support more users simultaneously by toggling between up to 10 sessions at once, while support processes run in the background. 


Annotate and pinpoint solutions in real-time

Show users what needs to be fixed with screensharing

Draw live on users's Android screens to pinpoint what's gone wrong and easily guide them through solving problems on their own.


Chat with users anytime, anywhere

Keep everyone on the same page with team chat

Communicate with users seamlessly during mobile support sessions, right on their Android device. Chat before starting the support session to qualify the level of support needed. All while still accessing the tools you need to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Flexible, dependable remote support – trusted by thousands of companies


Connect to any Android device in the world in 20 seconds and scale from 1 to 25,000 licenses – perfect for shops of any size. 


All remote support sessions with Rescue employ real-time TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption, so every one of your sessions is safe and secure.


Rescue’s cloud-based platform built on enterprise-grade infrastructure allows it to deliver world-class security and reliability, with an uptime of 99.99+%.

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