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Vpro, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS/MacOS.

Multi-Platform Support

Remotely support any device.

Rescue can support any device, from any device — from desktop to mobile to Chromebooks, regardless of operating system – with Mac, Windows and Linux support. Just swoop in from your desktop app or browser console and start solving.

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This is how remote support services are done.


Remote Control

Take over your end user’s device and perform tasks as if you were using their device directly. For frequently performed tasks, let scripting do the work to save both time and sanity.


Remote Diagnostics

Get a quick summary of processes, services, and applications to identify the issue fast — without tediously digging around the end user’s device.


Unattended Access

Mass-deploy or “leave behind” unattended access so technicians can connect to a remote device when no user is present to solve problems during user downtime and check in later if needed.

Support multiple users simultaneously with multiple-session handling.

Multi-Session Handling

Do more with less.

Optimize your resources, remotely support more users simultaneously by toggling between up to 10 sessions at once, and save time while multiple support processes run.

Transfer remote support sessions between Agents.

Technician Collaboration

Get extra help without extra headaches.

Bring in expert technicians from your team to help with an issue anytime. Need external expertise? Bring in a contractor without adding more licenses to your account.

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A custom chat window with your branding.

Customizable Chat Support

Defy Language Barriers with AI

Consolidate high-cost multi-lingual call centers and expand agent reach with the power of AI and Google Translate. Rescue’s AI live translation feature (now in beta) allows agents to translate content on a user’s screen into their preferred language in real time. Plus, live chat translation can translate chats in real time into the agent and user’s preferred languages, allowing for effortless communication. Customize glossaries and establish a default language with minimal configuration.

Customize Your Support

Reboot and Reconnect

Provide interruption-free support.

Reboots are almost always necessary while troubleshooting. During a Rescue remote support session, you can reboot instantly and reconnect immediately, even if devices are unattended or in safe mode.

Options to reboot and reconnect when troubleshooting.

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